About yacht

This is a pleasure yacht with an open cockpit designed for a long 4-8 persons onboard stay. The RESPECT yacht gives you all opportunities to spend a day off with your friends and to have a fascinating travel with a family and a complicated sea passage – . A spacious master cabin, a guest or children’s cabin, a spacious cook galley, a shower and a bathroom, designed and completed to meet the requirements of the most sophisticated travelers are at the owner’s disposal. The cruiser hull made of category A ship-building steel up to 14,65 m long, reliable Vetus Deutz engines with the power up to 170 h.p. / 125 kW, carefully designed safety and comfort complete set will allow you to feel comfortable and secure, being onboard of this yacht, both in the coastal and in the sea water areas.


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Shipbuilding Company “Ushakovo Yards”


Russia, Kaliningrad region, 238322 p.Ushakovo, trans. Port 1.


Tel.: +7(4015)13-61-07 , +7(906)219-50-00