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Undoubtedly this is one of the best joint developments of the dutch designer Jan Visser and Real Ships team. The main advantage of the yachts of this model is a comfortable master cabin with a separate toilet and a shower room in the aft and guest cabins on the bow. The arrangement of the cabins with accurately zoned living space advantageously differs it from other yacht models therefore it is more comfortable and more convenient to be in a such yacht, . The bridge control mounted on the aft deck provides very good visibility and allows you to feel confident in any navigation conditions. A cozy salon is located in the central part of the yacht where the team and onboard guests spend most of their time. The steel hull and the reliable Vetus Deutz engine with the power up to 170 h.p. / 125 kW guarantee safety and confidence of steering both in the coastal waters and in the high seas.


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