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High permeability and comfortable houseboat MIGRANT, the development of “Real ships” and design studio Reingard Design. This vessel is designed for year-round in the waters, and for long journeys, including in difficult navigation conditions. A distinctive feature of this model is a powerful, steel, deadrise hull with ice belt, allowing to freeze the ship docked for the whole winter. The hull is where all life-support systems including large tanks tanks, allowing easy winter in the waters, eliminating the problem of filling or pumping out tanks. The vessel is equipped with necessary appliances, fully furnished and ready to move in. In the classic version, houseboat – a symbiosis of yachts and houses, where priority is given to comfort and ease, and in the case of this model is also the highest reliability and patency. MIGRANT houseboat built according to the norms of the European Communities Council of Europe, under the supervision of the Dutch company DMI (Dutch Marine Inspection). Upon completion of construction of the ship assigned to the category of navigation C, CE certificate is issued and SIN number. MIGRANT Houseboat presented in two projects: MIGRANT 1350 XC and MIGRANT 1650 XC.


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